Golden Dragon Jade Lucky Beads Bracelet

Golden Dragon Jade Lucky Beads Bracelet

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Golden Dragon Jade Lucky Beads Bracelet

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Material: Natural Golden Dragon Jade
Size: Length Adjustable
Producing Area: YunNan China
Tags: Jade Bracelet
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  • Golden Dragon Jade Lucky Beads Bracelet
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Product Description

Golden Dragon Jade Lucky Beads Bracelet


What is the Golden Dragon Jade?
The Golden Dragon Jade also called Yellow Dragon jade which was found in 2004 in LongLing Country in YunNan Province located in the Southwest of China. As a new-found jade, it has been regarded as the best kind of jade after XinJiang HeTian Jade and Burma Emerald which are well-known in the world and has been becoming more and more popular for its characters of noble golden color, fine and glossy quality and the hardness of emerald especially during this scarcity of jade resource period. Its main mineral composition is quartz and chemical composition is silica. Its hardness is Mohs rigidity 6.5-7 the same as emerald, so it has been considered as a kind of high-grade natural material of jade sculpture and jewelry.

What is the Golden Dragon Aquatic Plants Jade?
During the forming period of Golden Dragon Jade in which manganese, iron and other elements infiltrated gradually and after long-term precipitation, it becomes another natural artwork recalling our endless imaginations with its uniqueness, splendid pattern combination and feeling of universe.


Product: Golden Dragon Jade Lucky Beads Bracelet


1. The main color of the Golden Dragon Jade is golden (yellow) color which always represents noble and fortune. Meanwhile it has other colors of white, black, green, orange, red and ect.
2. The quality of The Golden Dragon Jade is fine, smooth, pure, transparent and no impurities which can reach a high level of polishing and be engraved into various elegant jade artworks and jewelry.
3. The Golden Dragon Jade has not only the hardness of Burma emerald, but also has glossy, colorful, pure characters of HeTian jade. The more wearing and touching, the more shinning.
4. As a non-renewable and new-found jade, the Golden Dragon Jade is a wise choice for collection and has a big room of value-increasing which would be the same case as the XinJiang HeTian Jade and Burma emerald for not much is left on ground after many years of exploration.


Product: Golden Dragon Jade Lucky Beads Bracelet

Product: Golden Dragon Jade Lucky Beads Bracelet

Product: Golden Dragon Jade Lucky Beads Bracelet



Though the Golden Dragon Jade possesses high hardness degree, but it still need to be maintained well keeping its glossy appearance.

1.     Avoid strong collision

2.     Avoid exposure to the sun for quite a long time

3.     Always keeping the jade clean, avoid touch of acid, alkali and other organic solvents

4.     The jade will appear more glossy, crystal and charming if you touch and wear frequently.

5.     If the jade is placed as adornment or collection, remember to apply baby oil or olive oil on its surface once a month.


Shopping Tips for This Item:

1.     As we mentioned above, one of the most important condition of forming of Golden Dragon Aquatic Jade is infiltration of other elements. So it’s normal to see tiny cracks on it.

2.     As it is a rare, unique and natural product, every item has only ONE in stock.

3.     What you see is what you get.

4.     The price is including shipping fee of Registered Singapore Post and insurance charge assuring no lost. Delicate jewelry box and safe package are available.

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